Néo-surréaliste collagiste

Jacques Marchal


Marjac's technique, collagist artist

All printed images are my raw material. Where find them else where than in magazines  (decoration, mode, nature, animals...), collection books, advertising, different types of catalogues, books on art, culture, etc... ?

I use scissors and cutters. The edge of the cut-outs are neutralized with a chinese pencil. I use white glue, varnish glue and double-sided adhesive sheets.

Until 2014, my collages were pasted on wood (4 mm thick), firstly painted in black because I like strong contrasts, which has become a trade-mark. For some subjects, however, I sometimes use a full colored image on the whole surface. When my collage is completed, I put a layer of dull acrylic varnish and then spray a special varnish for UV protection. At this stage, the collage is mounted on a simple wooden frame (35mm thick), or mounted in a so called "american frame", painted in dark grey.

Since the end od 2014, the dimension of most of my collages has been an A4 format (30x40 cm / 11.81x15.75 in), but also 60x40 cm / 23.62x15.75 in, 70x50cm / 27.56x19.69 in and 60x80 cm / 23.62x31.50 in.

From 2015 on, I create my collages in following format : 17x23cm / 6.7x9 in, on paper or on cardboard, with mat, which gives a final total dimension of 24x30 cm / 9.45x11.8 in. This format allows me to increase my production to satisfy my fertile imagination. However, some subjects needing a larger dimension, since end of 2016, I also started with the A3 format (39x29 cm / 15.35x11.42 in), with mat, to reach the final dimension of 50x40 cm / 19.69x15.75 in. In both above cases, my collages are also UV protected.