Néo-surréaliste collagiste

Jacques Marchal


Short stories by Jacques Marchal, author

I started to write short stories since the end of 2016.

Just as for my collages, I feel that my imagination will lead me to various atmospheres :  fatastic, humor, emotion, erotism...

At this stage , I have written three short stories :

  • "Retour de lame" : fantastic around my activity of collage.
  • "Les ventres" : emotion around the abduction of a baby.
  • "Le transfert" : fantastic around the story of a security guard.
  • "Seul, mais pas seul !" : fantastic around an invisible presence.

Many  other subjects are in my list for future short stories. I hope to publish my first anthology of short stories by the end of 2018. Will they be translated in english sometime ?

To follow... !


My collage "Marches à suivre"