Néo-surréaliste collagiste

Jacques Marchal


Jacques Marchal, alias Marjac, collagist artist, is also author

Both surrealism and humor flow in my veins.

Mostly during a conversation, my brain may register a word and acting like a computer, transform it at once into a pug with phonetics or double meaning.

Sometimes, I may react during the narration of a story to put my humorous oat in. Let me give you an example. I was sitting in a restaurant with some friends, on a January 1st, to eat a sauerkraut, which is a tradition in Liège, where I am living. Someone told about a couple who started a world tour with their bike. I asked the lady : "Did they leave on a January 1st ?" Quite astonished, she asked me "Why ???". I replied : "Because they could have pedaled in the sauerkraut !"  (Literal translation of the french idiom "Pédaler dans la choucroute" = "To spin your wheels" or "Go around in circles"). That's it !

So, after writing some 200 pugs, I thought that I could not leave them in the drawer of my desk. That is the reason why I published, as my own editor, my illustrated humorous album "Phénix – Maux d'esprit, collages et autres poésies" , which is impossible to translate in any other language because of its specific nature.

On the other hand, I knew that one day or another, I would start to write a real book, but leaving that for the future, when age, let us be realistic, would stop me to run to exhibit my collages. It is true that I may not imagine myself without any intellectual activity.

But..... !

But this was intended if I had not encountered Frank ROGER, one of the greatest representative of the current belgian fantastic litterature, who became a friend. Frank has a supplementary quality to my eyes, because we share humour and pugs.

His speciality is short stories and this has been a real provocatio on me. That is the reason why I started to write short stories as well, since August 2016, during my cruise in Norway ( see my picture in the library of the ship "Horizon").

Now, my time is divided between collages and short stories.