Néo-surréaliste collagiste

Jacques Marchal


Expression : Marjac, collagist artist

« The power of the imagination

« Dreams are my reality


My eyes discover any subject that strikes me with its shape, originality, symbolism, aesthetic and who knows what else..., and thrusts it into the cauldron of my imagination. Then the miracle happens: a new work will be born!

It's rare to be able to foresee a theme before you begin work on it because, in general, it takes shape as it is being created, during which time it matures, even revealing itself after completion.

I shoot "360°": all subjects can inspire me. They come to me unexpectedly, from my inspiration, or my present sensitivity. My world is made to surprise; to provoke a smile thanks to a touch of humour, often dark; to incite an emotion, sometimes poetic, sometimes suggestive-erotic; to make people dream, to inspire personal or social reflection. I can be provocative, but without ever putting people out because a great sensitivity emerges from my creations.

My compositions can be sober, while giving enormous strength to the subjects; but I also create real mises en scène when the subject lends itself to it, which describes me as a figurative collagiste.

On rare occasions, I create successive collages on the same subject, because the strength and beauty inspired by certain images parading in front of my eyes during my research carry me towards a variety of subjects. It is not uncommon for me to have two or even three works of art on the go at the same time. My imagination is greedy for variety, and flutters around!

I cannot deny my attraction for the Woman, found instinctively very frequently in my collages. How do you ignore this eternal source of inspiration, fantasies, desire, sensuality and a symbol of beauty?

It's in surrealism, the imagination and onirism that my themes are expressed. That's where I feel comfortable, detached from a certain reality, or just reality. This is where I express, even subconsciously, my most profound and intimate feelings, as well as my most secret dreams.

A collage is much more than an object. It represents hours, days, or even weeks of research, patience, meticulousness, frustration, moments of joy, creativity and imagination.

Each of my works of art is not only a thing that clings to a wall. It's a piece of my heart, a part of my soul, a moment of my life.


* Two thoughts shared with me:
    * "You are the Magritte of collage !"
    * "Your collages are to painting what music is to opera !"

* "Being a surrealist, is banishing the spirit of "already seen" and searching for the "not yet seen." (René Magritte)

* "Collage is a challenge to painting." (Aragon)

* "Although feathers create feathering, glue does not create collage." (Max Ernst)

* "The collage seems like an easy art but, like automatic writing, it only offers successes if one has an innate sense of poetry." (Sarane Alexandrian)

* "For an artist, freedom is just as essential as talent and intelligence." (Maxime Gorki)

* "talent comes from originality, which is a special way of thinking, seeing, understanding and judging." (Guy de Maupassant)

* "All arts are like mirrors, where man knows and recognizes something of himself." (Émile Charlier, commonly known as Alain)