Néo-surréaliste collagiste

Jacques Marchal


Biography of Marjac, collagist artist

Jacques Marchal, pseudo "Marjac", was born and lives in Liège (Belgium).

His carreer should have been teaching german languages, but life decided to lead him on different horizons :

  • Purser Officer with the Compagnie Maritime Belge
  • Station Manager at Brussels Airport with TRANSAIR INTERNATIONAL
  • Manager and PR with the Aéro-Club Royal de Belgique
  • General Manager of the advertising concession company in Brussels, Charleroi and Liège airports and of the business and welcome services center «  Airport FORUM » at Brussels Airport, which he created.

Jacques Marchal is a pure self-thaught artist.

Starting with oil painting in the 80's with a surrealist style, his deep nature, he put it aside for some reasons, during more than twenty years.

End of the year 2003, indeed, he could not resist to make a come back in art and he started as a collagiste, just by chance. Collage became his religion.

Humor flowing in his veins such as surrealism, he published a humorous album with puns, illustrated with collages in 2013.

In May 2016, he published his first artist book "Livre d'artiste-Marjac" and since the end of the same year, he started to write short stories, in the hope to publish a book by the end of 2017.

Jacques Marchal is :

  • Compagnon du "Mérite Artistique Européen"
  • Member of the "Cercle Royal des Beaux-Arts de Liège"
  • Member of "Promotion des Arts Graphiques Liégeois"
  • Founder and President of the npa "Village des Artistes"